Help with AHPRA AGOS-40 - UK to Oz



I'm looking to complete the AGOS-40 application and despite reading the supporting document links am still a little confused. I'm UK based so am looking to complete the registration before applying for positions in Australia.

Section C: Proof of Identity

It requests evidence from categories A, B and C. Category A relates to those who already reside in the US and the special circumstances for overseas applicants documentation is a little vague. Can someone please confirm what a UK resident would need? Worst case I can apply for an Australian Visa and would then have satisfied all the requirements.

Section D: Contact Information

Question 7. Is the address of your principal place of practice the same as your residential address? This intimates that Q.6. asking for your residential address in fact means your regular place of work, is that correct?

Section I: English Language Skills

From the supporting documents it would appear that a combined secondary school, college and nursing training conducted in English is sufficient to meet the tertiary and secondary requirements. Is that correct?

Section J: Third Party Authorisation

I presume this is optional and that they don't expect you to have an advocate in Australia that can work on your behalf.

Any other tips for completing the form, any gotchas would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.