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HELP A STUDENT with Life decision. ( LPN, BSN, Direct Entry Nursing)

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I am a LPN working at home health care nurse.

so last time I posted a poll to ask people if I should do LPN to BSN or attain non-nursing bachelor degree to apply for Direct Entry Master Program.

Since then, I received scholarships from state university ( I live in MA), so I started to attend school again as Sociology major, I live right next to college, so I save lots of money for the graduate school.


One of my Sociology Professor asked me What the **** I am doing? ( literally, because she was concerned for me) She worked for admissions offices for long time, and she said that in order for me to be a strong candidate for Master school, I would have to major in STEM field? For any of the people who have knowledges regarding this. Is this true?? From my LPN nursing school, my graduation GPA was 3.47, at this current school, I am confident that I will be able to keep my GPA above 3.5. As I said, I work as Independent Nurse for a pediatric patient at home, and during summer, I hope to find a job to increase my nursing skills.

What could I do to make myself a strong candidate for Direct Entry Master Program?

Do I need to rethink my plan, and although I might be behind my peers, find LPN to BSN?

or switch my major to Biology?

I am 20, my whole life, I didn't really have a role model or mentor to guide me through my decisions, and yes, I know I am an adult now, so I should be able to make decision on my own, but I am so frighten about my future, and any help or words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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