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Hello! How is life in Hampton Roads?


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Hey! I graduated in May of 2009 from an ADN program in Nashville. Started working full time on a Med/Surg unit for about 5 months, and have had a years worth of extern experience.

I recently got let go of my job in Nashville, which isn't depressing because I wasn't enjoying where I was working. I wasn't a "good fit" for the unit, which is how my manager put it, and quite honestly she was right. My friend lives in Norfolk, and I've been toying with the idea of coming to visit and see how life is in the area.

So how is life in this area? Cost of living? General satisfaction? I know my friend said housing is expensive, but that won't be an issue because I'll be staying with him.

Any input will be greatly appreciated! Always good advice from the people on allnurses.com

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The cost of living (and housing) is about average for the nation. So are nursing compensation packages.

I lived in many different areas of the country when I was young -- and finally settled down in Hampton Roads. I like it. It's big enough to have a lot of options for things to do, but not so big that you have all of the "big city" problems. We've got some more urban, downtown areas ... but rural areas are within a reasonable commuting distance. And of course, there are lots of suburban neighborhoods, too. So you can choose the type of neighborhood you want to live in.

You've got the beach and boating ... and the mountains are only 2 hours away. The climate is also "medium." Summers are warm, but not miserable like in the deep south. It gets cold in January and February, but the winters are much milder than further north and/or further inland.

The large military presence combined with the region's history as a deep water port with a major shipping industry -- has developed a culture that thinks globally and welcomes outsiders. I find a surprising number of interesting people with interesting backgrounds coexisting in what seems on the surface to be a "typical, boring" American community.

Nursing jobs have not been plentiful lately, as we have had a couple of new nursing schools open up over the last couple of years that are pumping out new grads faster than we can absorb them. However, the market has started to improve a little in the last 2 months.

Good luck!