Hello to all graduate bradley students??!!


Is anyone out there currently in a Bradley University Graduate program? I am applying to the Fall 2016 FNP program and there do not seem to be many people on here in terms of any students within this program. I would LOVE to hear from someone who is going to attend or currently attending. :)


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Hi, I received my acceptance letter today for the fnp program! Would love to hear your feedback on the program.


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I also will be starting in the Fall 2016. Where are the current students??


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Hey guys! I am located in South Florida. Are yoou all doing the MSN FNP or the DNP? I am doing thE MSN fnp option. I am looking to get more connected online with any students who are going to be in my cohort, the we do better together approach really has helped me in both the professional and educational setting. I look forward to getting to you!

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Hi! I just got my acceptance letter for the Fall 2016 DNP-FNP program. We should start a Facebook group to keep in touch


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How has your experience at Bradley been so far?


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I am looking into applying to Bradley University’s FNP program fall 2019 and would love to hear from a current student or graduate! Anybody? How’s it going? Did you like Bradley? Do you feel competent?