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Hello - Career Change Advice


Hi All -

I was just hoping to get some feedback. I just got accepted into my LPN program for fall! :-) I have some pre reqs to take for summer - which will be a pretty hefty load considering its Physiology and Dosages&Calculations. I currently work full time in a completely unrelated field. My plan is to leave my job before summer quarter starts, and then begin working as a nurse aide part time while I finish school. The thing is, I earn a decent salary now - abt $50k a year, but I am MISERABLE in my job. I have been there for 10 years, and the idea of walking thru the door each day makes me have panic attacks. I am fortunate enough that I think my family is in a good enough place right now that we won't buckly under the financial strain of me making $50k a year, to a roughly $10 / hr nurse aide salary. Things will definitely change for sure - no more splurging, spending, eating out, etc - but my family is behind me 100% and it's only for a year in the long run! I will be done in a year! I REALLY want to do this. I have done STNA clinicals before, and I have an idea of what the work is like. I currently volunteer at the nursing home and help with games and activities, etc.

I am scared to leave such a well paying job - that I have been at so long- for something new - and I guess maybe I am unsure of myself? This is a huge career change - I am 30 and I just guess I am starting to second guess my ability to be a nurse and also work pt as an aide? This is my dream that I set aside for many years due to family needs and changes - and I am finally about to make the leap to make my dream come true. What if its not what I expected, or what if I fail at it?

Thanks for listening.. encouragement and advice appreciated :-)

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My advice is go for it! If you are that miserable at your job, it's time for a change. I am starting an LPN program in the fall also, and recently just moved myself down to a per diem shift so I can still work and do school, because i've heard the program can be intense. As long as you have support from your family to go and accomplish your dreams, run with speed. I am having some pre-entrance jitters myself--will I make it through? Am I smart enough? Will I pass? But it's natural. The trick is to realize that everything new takes time, and you'll do fine! Good luck! :nuke:


It took me 7years of procrastinating to quit my job, apply for uni and get a job as a ain while studying, and I'm absolutely loving every minute of it. I have gone from working full time, good $, to working crappy hours and pretty crappy money, but in the long term this is the best decision for me and my family.

I look at it this way, if your unhappy with work there is no point being there. If you work full time, your probably there more than at home, so facing work that your not enjoying everyday is going to make life miserable.

GOOD LUCK, and you can do it:D


Thank you all! You each are right - I just need to hear it and hear that I am not crazy! In todays economy people think I am nuts for leaving a solid well paying job - but if its sucking the life outta me, whats the point?? And if they laid me off tomorrow - I have no real "skill" or marketability - I want a CAREER and I am super excited to be going for it! Thank you for the encouraging words! It is just what I needed!

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