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I just recently graduated from Montgomery County Community College in December, 2008! I was very excited at all the possibilities, jobs, the future... Now I don't know how to explain how I feel!! :banghead: I haven't been able to find a job at ANY hospital in the Philadelphia, Westchester, or Allentown regions! I recently called Bayada because they have numerous positions available listed on Monster.com, but Bayada required that nurses have at least one year's experience. I was told to apply at local nursing homes. At this point, I just need a job. All my student loans have run out. Is anyone else feeling this crunch? Tell me if you do - misery loves company:chuckle


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I am also from your class. I feel so gyped sometimes, but I do think things will improve soon. The economy bites right now. I am taking the NCLEX June 2, which might explain the lack of job opportunities. I went to the job fair in Valley Forge and it was a waste of time. Just know that you are not alone!

I did return to school in April to stave off student loans. I am networking like crazy with linkedin.com and facebook. I have also been going to individual hospital websites to check what they have open. I have received a few inquiries for jobs in NJ and NY, but I cannot move. I have to stay here until the end of 2010 when my degree will be completed. Until I take (and pass) the NCLEX, I do not have a lot of time to visit hospitals or nursing homes in person.

I had talked to one of the professors about offering the chance for new grads that have not gotten a position yet, the ability to go to the nursing lab to refresh some skills, so we don't forget them. They didn't think there were enough graduates interested in it or enough room in the lab. Maybe if others expressed an interest they may reconsider.

I hope to see you at graduation ceremonies this week.

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