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Held in Limbo

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Since Tuesday 10/21/14 I have been out-of-work. On Tuesday I went to work and found out the state was in the facility. I then was called into the office by the DON and was told that a big problem resident told the State while they were in that I supposedly yelled at him and slammed his door the evening before.

I was kept in the office to do a "Statement" in which I vehemently denied such an accusation because it never even happened. While in there it was brought to my attention that a resident wasn't wearing a sling or leg brace on the day shift. I explained that on Monday it was on when I came in and wore it for almost 3 hours, and on Friday I applied both and both were worn for a few hours. Also explained that I initialed they were on "At That Time I did my charting."

I never was told that I was suspended, fired, or laid off. I suddenly had another nurse ask me for my keys to give some needed meds. THIS was the way I found out I was not working that day. When I left Tuesday I was told by the D.O.N. "I'll Call You."

From Tuesday through this evening my wife and I have been with our hearts in our throats. I called the D.O.N. and was told "I was suspended while the State still in the building," on Thursday, even though in regard to the splint/brace issue, the day nurse who NEVER applied them is still working.

Today (Friday) I had to drop off another Statement in regard this time about a Splint and Brace. While there I was surprised to see that the day nurse, who NEVER put those on the patient, had been working all week. I have waited till 7:30pm to find out if working on Monday. I FINALLY had to text him myself and was told "We will call you Monday".

I believe my work is "Rail-Roading" me....for something/things I am not even guilty of. As if they are holding me in Limbo, just in case the State wants somebody disciplined - and will use me as the scapegoat. Or they wont tell me I am fired because then they have to pay unemployment....instead holding out until I just up and resign/quit, then they aren't liable for unemployment pay for me.

Since Tuesday my wife and I can not believe how I have been kept in Limbo in this situation....no real information. I have been putting out applications for alternate employment, while worrying if I can find work.

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