1. I've recently seen some videos on Ironman and I am really impressed by these people, they are just nuts! I would love to do this, I want to do this!

    I'm seriously considering training for and competing in triathlons with the ultimate goal of taking on the Ironman.

    Anyone ever done one? experiences, opinions, ideas?
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  3. by   grv68

    While I have not done an IM, but I have completed several triathlons and long endurance events. Without bragging I am an experienced athlete with a long competition history in triathlon, locally and nationally.

    There is no indication in your post your current level of fitness, or if you have done other types of tri, like Sprint, Olympic, or Half Iron events.

    There are many factors you need to consider: diet, flexibility, your current fitness base and building an aerobic base and phasing your training up to race date. Swimming, biking and running are individual components that require time and technique. Oh and don't forget living a LIFE including family and work.

    With the right preparation the IM becomes a mental event to test your resolve, and your spirit. It is amazing what you can put your body through. Some would argue if you made it through nursing school you can do a triathlon :-)

    As for resources I would recommend Don Fink's book Be Iron Fit. I would be happy to answer your questions off-line at my email which should be on my profile.

    Doing triathlon is addictive: bragging rights are forever and you will look at the world in a different way. You will do more in one morning than some folks do all week.

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  4. by   KLB00
    Thanks for the reply!

    I have never competed in any type of triathlon event, I'm not insane though. I don't plan on going straight into a Ironman competition anytime soon. I was thinking about training and doing some sprints and olympics next year and working my way towards the Ironman.

    As far as my level of fitness, It isn't what it was. Just got out of the army almost a year ago. I was in Awesome shape then, run for miles on end road march for miles all the time, I loved it. always scored 300 (max score) on PT test. Now, I just run about 3 miles a day 3 times a week and do some light bodyweight exercises another 3 days a week.

    My weakest event would for sure be the swimming... I can swim decent but never swam for endurance or distance.

    The thing that worries me the most isn't my physical capabilities or mental toughness but the amount of money it might take to be able to compete! I'm poor and it seems like there are a lot of stuff you need for this! haha

    Thank you for the book recommendation and the offer to answer my questions, I may take you up on it after I've done some more research.