Stressed and overwhelmed with worry of making a mistake on the ward

  1. Hi,

    Just thought I would try these forums out to try seek some advice or feedback on how I'm currently feeling on the ward. So here goes...

    I qualified in December last year, began my job on a surgical ward and felt overwhelmed anyway with how busy the ward was and felt like I knew very little. Had dealt with a cardiac arrests within first 3 months on one of my night shifts. It was unexpected, I recognised some deterioration with 1st one on carrying out some observations at start of my shift and alerted on call Drs and the nurse directly looking after patient to this but still felt like there was maybe something more I could have done (not sure what but thats how I feel). After this we never got debrief or discussion and now after starting at a new hospital I feel I'm constantly fearing the worst that I am going to make a huge mistake on the ward or that I wont recognise something quick enough and seem to be living in constant fear before work, during work and after work and the only thing I can put it down to is not being able to discuss these event with someone after it had occurred. I just feel like I am guilt stricken and now living in fear.

    Anyone have similar experience and feelings on first qualifying? If so, did you overcome it and if you did, how? People on the wards say I will be fine and I will get the hang of it but feel like the fear and worry of not knowing enough is taking over.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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