Not sure what to do!

  1. I have been a nurse for under 18months, finished my grad year and now I am exhausted!!!! I cry before I go to work, I can hardly move on my days off! I used to be so passionate about nursing but now I just don't know if I can do it! I am a good nurse I know that but I'm so unhappy! Is it the ward I am on? I know i dont want to be a ward nurse! The trouble is, you need "experience" to get a job anywhere and really, there is no jobs anywhere, my hospital has just shut a ward and cut staff! I have applied for other degrees such as social work and psychology but am I just burnt? I can't stand the ******** from other staff, the family complaints, god I feel like I should have done a bachelor in slavery most days. what do I do!??
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  3. by   Mbennick
    I think you're just on the wrong floor. I have been a nurse a little over 2 years and this is how I felt at my first job... ESP because it was nights. After a year, I found a new job working days on a different kind of floor and I really enjoy going to work now. Don't give up. You just need a reminder of why you decided to be a nurse.
  4. by   Joy06
    I am feeling the same way. Been at my first job for about 9 months and it hasnt gotten any better with time. I'm pretty depressed myself and would even call it burn out. I didnt go into nursing to be a task robot/slave for 13 hours, put up with abuse from staff and patients, go 11 hours without a lunch break, cry at least once a week on the floor and dread going into work each and every day. I am looking into positions outside of the hospital at this point. Dont want to look like a weak failure, but the stress isnt worth it to me. I suggest you look into something different too. You have plenty of experience at this point (most places want at least one year acute care experience), that I'm sure you wont have a problem.
  5. by   Clementia
    I've been there. I've been a nurse for six years -- burnt out for the last three, but still going because we need the money. I know this is easier to say than to do, but I would say either cut back to part-time, or find another job. Make sure you eat enough and get enough sleep. Cutting back my hours saved my sanity and made it possible for me to keep going a little longer. Also, some places are just toxic. I know it's really hard to find jobs when you're a new grad, but at least try, so you won't end up regretting that you ever got a nursing degree.