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  1. Hi everyone!
    My story is kinda unique.
    I dropped out of nursing school during my last semester. It was all due to a panic attack which I ended up going to the ER for and couldn't recover from. After that, I had major GAD for a while and decided to take a semester off. As I was trying to recuperate, I attempted to finish my last semester the following term, and then again began having major anxiety. I was seeing a psychologist and also my GP prescribed some PRN benzos and an SSRI. My psychologist recommended me not to take the SSRI and I didn't. I didn't want to take it either way because of the potential side effects (I had just finished my psyche rotations the previous semester and knew way too much about SSRI's). I was also having anxiety about taking an SSRI. long story short, 3 years have passed, I moved to another state for sometime related to my hubbys job, Moved back to my hometown, had a miscarriage and now I'm back thinking about finishing my nursing career. My anxiety is under control now, the change in environment really helped me. I do not have anymore panic attacks, I am able to tackle my anxiety if I feel anxious, and I'm feeling overall happy. One thing is that I can't stop thinking about nursing. I feel like the only career that will really make me feel proud and accomplished is becoming an RN. I am also afraid to attempt to finish my last semester and become anxious and ill again (I was in a really bad place). Also, nursing is not what I thought It'd be. I do not like working in a hospital at all. Bedside nursing is definitely not for me. So I am stuck. What should I do? I need some advice.
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  3. by   MilliePieRN
    I doubt since you've been away from nursing school for over 3 yrs and have (2?) failed attempts it would be as simple as finishing one semester. Ns comes with a huge amount of stress (which pales in comparison to your first yr working as a rn), only you know if you can handle it now. I would start by finding out what it would take to finish.