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Health Forms for school.


I just had my PCP fill out my health forms for the school. There is a part where it ask the PCP to list any and all medical conditions and to explain with dates and all. My PCP put that I had an issue with depression in 2001. I work in the financial industry and I went for my regular checkup like I normally do in the beginning of the year. I do recall her asking about my job and all....and I told her I was having issues sleeping and all....and that 9/11 really took me back some. She suggested that I take an anti-depressant....I think Welbutrin .....as she calls it...to help take the edge off things...and I did take the script but I tried to pills once.....and my feet started itching, so I didn't take it again.

So my question here, is will this (Depression noted on my form) work against me when applying for Nursing School ?

Moreover, can a PCP diagnose one as being depressed ? I never told her I was depressed.

I meant for this to go in the Pre-Nursing student forum.

sorry !

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