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healing touch

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is anyone trained in the healing touch technique?? If so where and how did you get your training. How do you use it in your practice??


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healingtouchRN specializes in Cardiac/Vascular & Healing Touch.

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I have been a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner for more than 5 years. I did my training all over the southern US (AL, GA, TN, LA, NC, SC). The Healing Touch Program (aka Colorado Center for Healing Touch) is in Lakewood, CO. It was started by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN in the 80's & came to fruition as a place to earn CE's in the early 90's. Janet passed away in 2005 but the program is still growing & there are thousands trained in the various levels of HT. HT is a program. There are many techniques which Janet collected from various sources, such as indigenous healers, clergy, etc.

I have a private practice whereby I offer Healing Touch, massage therapy & bodywork, & education. I do not teach HT for CE's since one must train for that in accordance to the program's methods for instructors. I plan to persue that adventure in the future. However, I do teach my clients & their family members how to do certain techniques from HT to assist them in their well being & for pain management. It is so easy.

I also work in a moderate sized urban hospital. I use HT to ground clients post operatively, to make a vein more palpable prior to starting an IV, to soothe a colicy infant, to calm an anxious client or a stressed out co-worker. I probably use my HT skills on my co-workers the most. They really like it & often seek me out for a few minutes in the break room to unwind after a trying shift.

My business partner, also a CHTP, took the HT for Animals courses. She has come to my home to calm my elderly chihuahua when she was injured. She helped her out of the pain on more than one occasion. This really reinforces to me about energy work. Animals can bite when they fear or are in pain. HT assists to bring the field into balance & thereby allowing the energy to dissipate.

Kudos to you for your interest & enroll into a class asap. That is where I met my business partner; a Level I class.


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