Would any new grads join the military?

  1. I would like to know who would consider joining the military after graduating from a BSN program. I wanted to end up in Hawaii in the end.
    1) Either army, air force, or the navy?
    2) Active duty or Reserve? I heard you need one year experience to be in the reserve units?
    3) How would family life be with your spouse?
    4) Would you do or not?
    5) Pros and cons?
    6) Anybody currently doing this?

    Army: more opportunities in specialities, faster promotions, 6-15 month deployments?, and more bases around the nation and overseas.

    Air Force: As a new grad, must start in either med/surg or OB FIRST. 6 month deployments (longer deployments are rare). Many bases around the nation and overseas but not as much as army. Slow advancement in promotion of rank.

    Navy: On board ships or out to duty for 6 months at a time. Not sure about rank promotions. High tech stuff in their facilities. Best location of bases?
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