Moving to Oahu in May

  1. My husband just received his post PA school orders for Hawaii, he will be stationed at Schofield Barracks for at least 3 years beginning next May. We are excited, but nervous because Hawaii wasn't even on our "list" of places we thought he might be sent to because we thought everybody else was trying so hard to get there. I have some questions for those that live there:

    As far as hospitals go, what are my choices besides those in Honolulu (don't really want to mess with that commute if I can help it)? I have tried using hospital soup but it seems like pretty much everything is in Honolulu, I will be trying to stay in L&D as that is what my current experience is in.

    Living: We want to experience Hawaii and so would prefer not to live on post, I have been searching craigslist and other resources, does anybody know what kind of commute Maili (sea country) or Ewa Beach would be to Schofield?

    Childcare: Nurses, what do you do? I have to find a childcare situation with the assumption that my husband will not be able to pick my children up at 5:30 or 6:00 pm because he could and probably will be deployed, what options have you found? Do any of the hospitals (including those in Honolulu) offer childcare?

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated, tips and tricks for living in Hawaii, etc. We are friendly, open-minded people so we hope that we will settle in to Hawaii life. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   suzanne in hawaii
    Hawaii is a wonderful place to live. You are welcome to send me a message and I will answer.
    The hospital in Ewa Beach is Hawaii Medical Center West. There is no maternity service at HMC-W.
    There are RN's there who live at Schofield base, and work at HMC-W,as thier husbands are in the service. It is not a bad commute, like going into town(Honolulu) would be in the mornings.
    Where are you moving from????????
  4. by   studentnurserachel
    We are coming from Ft. Bragg, NC. Do you know if there is agency work available at Tripler? I do not want to get a GS position because I will be going to midwifery school online and cannot keep up a full-time schedule, so I'm looking for part-time, per-diem, and/or agency work. Thanks for the info re: Ewa Beach commute, we are just waiting to see if we get offered new housing on Schofield or AMR before deciding for sure where we are going to live.
  5. by   ParadiseRN
    Yes, you can do contract work at Tripler. I work there under a contract. There are lots of companies that you will find here that offer per diem work there however the two main ones that they use are Altos and Columbia Arora....both have offices inside of Tripler so you can call Tripler's main number and ask for their extension.

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