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  1. Recent graduate with 10 months RN ER experience, 1 year experience as an EMT, and 3 month preceptorship in the ED, ACLS/PALS/CERN. Whats my outlook for an ER position? I have an undying passion for the ED and am not sure I would enjoy anything other than that, or maybe a CC floor. I have excellent reccomendations and an impressive academic profile (as if anyone cares what you did in college, haha).

    What ER's are in the Honolulu area? (Ill be living between there an Honolulu). Any magnet/training hospitals?

    Any advice/comments about getting interviews/talking with recruiters? I will begin applying this week.

    I see that many have posted how difficult it is to find a job in HI, but I personally know a nurse who has recruiters calling her asking her to come to HI for work. These might be agency jobs but hey--they are jobs and they're offering 50/hr!

    Thanks for any advice! I am super excited to expand my nursing career into OAHU!
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  3. by   Mellifluous
    It has been my experience that Hawaii Health Systems will only hire RN's with 1+ years experience, but it sounds like you have other health care experience so it may not be an issue for you. I have heard good things about Queens. Good luck!
  4. by   vglass82
    Hey there, I know this post was from a few years ago, but whatever happened? Did you find a job? I am graduating in June and we are PCSing out there in August. I am definitely starting to panic about not being able to work the whole time I am out there!