Job Market on Maui for New RN grad

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the job market for new RN grads on Maui? I went to MCC in 2008 and got my LPN. I moved right after to Idaho and have been working on my BSN for the past three years. This May I graduate w/my BSN and plan to return home right after, which has always been the plan. I know the economy has been tough but it sounds like things are harder in Hawaii. All the info I'm reading is regarding 2008/2009, so I'm wondering how much has changed or not since then. I'm hoping things are just a little different. When I spoke to HR at MMMC they told me to fill out an application as they were accepting and to just try. I contacted all my friends who work at MMMC and they said to also try and apply as they're not on a freeze. The thing is, is that I applied as an LPN in March 2011 and haven't heard anything, I'm wondering if it will be different as an RN. I also will be bringing my dogs back home which will cost me over $2,000 and I kind of don't wanna risk spending that kind of money without a job. Basically, w/ an LPN and BSN RN degree, ACLS, EKG, and PALS certification, 7months experience in subacute setting as an LPN, and 2 years as an home health LPN, do I stand a chance???? Thanks!
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  3. by   rebecca_tn
    Sorry I have no info as I am also looking to move to HI possibly in 2012. I would also be bringing dogs, and wondered what costs are involved? You have obviously done your research if you have a $ amount
  4. by   tsv1567
    yeah, my dogs and i were all set to go as far as quarantine stuff but unfortunately i got turned down for their new grad positions. I'm going to do a year here then try again. The other costs would've been inspections from Maui Clinic, plane tickets, health certifications, and kennels. The rabies clearances lasts for 3 yrs. Good luck!