Foreign nurse wanting to work in Hawaii!

  1. Hi there, Im a 5th year registered Nurse currently working in the United Kingdom but originally trained and worked in new zealand and australia. I have 3 years ITU experience and 1 year Practice Nurse experience, Im wanting to move to hawaii next year and am in the process of doing my CGFNS and then NCLEX after aproval from hawaii state board. Im wanting to know if anyone knows of an agency or work place such as a hospital or local general practice that would sponsor a foreign nurse and help out with my USA visa to come to hawaii? I have experience in ICU and working in a general practice as a practice nurse as well as tropical nursing so am flexible in the areas that i would be working,
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  3. by   Slobgob
    What is tropical nursing? =)

    Its always 70 degrees on my floor. God bless A/C.
  4. by   WindwardOahuRN
    This is directly from the Queens Medical Center website, on the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of their employment info pages. Hope this helps:

    >>7. Are you accepting applications from foreign Nurses (RN)?
    We currently are accepting applications from all Nurses who have passed the NCLEX (U.S. nursing exam), qualify for Hawaii Licensure and are eligible for employment in the U.S. under NAFTA. International RN's are welcome to apply online for staff RN positions they are interested in. We have a special interest in Registered Nurses trained and qualified for Critical Care and Surgery. (must scrub and circulate)<<
  5. by   jarnahsnee
    Thanks for your reply!

    Tropical Nursing- Ive just completed a diploma in tropical nursing which aims to educated you on health care and management of tropical diseases in under developed countries and areas such as africa/asia/south america. It was the best course I've ever done! It covers everything from malaria to child malnutrition to dental extractions- the website is, foreign nurses can apply as we had a canadian nurse (and myself from nz) complete it this year. I'd definatly recomend it if your interested in aid work abroad, i learnt so much.

    As well as hospitals im interested in working in a local General practice- which is what im currently doing now, do you think that they would hire and sponsor a foreign nurse also? Also whats the pay rate like in the local hospitals for registered nurses?

  6. by   RecruiterHawaii
    There are no visas for nurses to work anywhere in the USA right now, except if you are from Canada or Mexico. Even though you get licensed and do the CGFNS and exam thing, and get a job offer you cannot work in the hospitals in Hawaii. We are hoping that there will be more visas available in October. Sorry, but that is the reality right now.
  7. by   wincris16
    Hi!! what are the requirement in applying for RN exam in hawaii since I'm now living here in hawaii...

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