Finding work as an LPN on the Big Island

  1. I was stationed in Oahu for a year and I promised myself that eventually I would move back. I've researched the islands and it appears that the Big Island is a little less expensive than the others. I will graduate next summer as an LPN, but also know that I want to go on for my RN almost immediately. I'm wondering what the job market is like for LPN's on the big island. Is there much work? If so, are the wages adequate to pay the bills and buy food? I'm contemplating on waiting to move there til I get my RN, but I'm a girl with little patience as well! Would it be better to wait til I have my RN? Thanks to all who answer!
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  3. by   zaylee
    Aloha...I'm a LPN working for HHSC and we are desparately in need of LPNs. I have recently graduated from UOP LPN to RN BSN program and I have yet to pass my board and become an RN. I have 10 yrs as an LPN. Starting pay back then was $10 ,which is a starting off pay for a CNA in some places. I now bring home atleast $1,100 q 2wks without OT and deduction of about $600 + (loans, tax, savings, retirement, ect...). But I still have to manage my money. Atleast I'm not driving a junk any more and I own my own home. Good luck to you and I hope you come and work for us.
  4. by   TimBukWho?
    Just curious....what city do you live in? I'm looking at Kona.
  5. by   zaylee
    Quote from RhiannonAnz
    Just curious....what city do you live in? I'm looking at Kona.
    Sory I haven't gotten back to you sooner...
    I live in the district of Kau in the Pahala Village. The company I work for is HHSC:
    These are some of the hospitals under HHSC on the Big Island,
    Kau Hospital, Hilo Medical Center, Kohala, and

    The West Hawaii Regional Office of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is located at Kona Community Hospital, 79-1019 Haukapila Street, Kealakekua, HI 96750.

    There is other facilities, doctor offices, clinics (Kaiser, Bay Clinic), urgent cares, Long Term Care Facilities, ect.
  6. by   mel p
    Does any body know of any nursing homes, hosptials or agencies that hire gpn's in the new york city area?
  7. by   kikoricco
    Hi, so there is a big need for LPNs around the Hilo area? does that go for RNs too? Also do you know of affordable land around Hilo (thinking a couple of acres)? Thanks ahead for any info. Kiko

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