Bilingual in Japanese (Dialysis RN)

  1. I am seeking a RN job in Hawaii or the West Coast where I can use my bilingual skills in Japanese. I am a dialysis RN in the Midwest with only 1 year of experience, and previously worked in nursing homes for one year. My native language is Japanese, but I speak fluent English as I have lived in the US for over 20 years. I know that there are a lot of Japanese tourists in need of dialysis while vacationing in Hawaii and thought there may be a need for bilingual nurses there. I would consider positions other than dialysis if there is a need for a bilingual nurse. If you are in those areas and know about the job market, please share your thoughts. Thank you.
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  3. by   bertshima
    Smarty518. Please contact me. I am and HR Manager for a Dialysis Clinic in Hawaii.
  4. by   bertshima
    Smarty518. Please contact me. I am an HR Manager for a Dialysis Clinic in Hawaii.
  5. by   tnaoko30
    Do they provide training to become a HD nurse? I'm also a bilingual nurse considering relocating to Hawaii (Oahu)
  6. by   bertshima
    Yes we do. We need to make sure you have acute or LTC experience. This is more similar to LTC since the treatments are 3x a week and you have repeat patients.
  7. by   tnaoko30
    I have a med-surge experience (1 yr) and an IV infusion/homehealth about a year now. I have always interested in HD but they don't hire without experience here in FL
  8. by   bertshima
    IV infusion is very helpful and we also have a home health line of business. Do you use linkedin? My LinkedIn account is
  9. by   tnaoko30
    I do not. I will check it out and see if I can create an account! I just got back to FL I was in Oahu until Fri for vacation
  10. by   bertshima
    please call me at 808.265.6639. weekend okay. sorry i missed you.