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Having a microbiology class issue. Need advice

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I'm new this is my first post. I am taking micro at a community college right now the teacher is really great lecturer and I set in front of class and have no issue digesting or understanding the lectures.  However i am having issues with the lab. The class is huge and we are often are in groups of four. sometimes in one lab class we have to do two experiments so two ppl do one and the other two ppl do the other two. I feel like with this i am not getting the experience i need in lab by not doing that portion. I also feel in general the class is so huge and anytime i need help the teacher is helping someone else. My partners in the last lab were extremely disrespectful to me and just completely ignored me. I can change groups but my problem is most of the class doesn't know what they are doing.   I feel bad about asking him to change my seat if that means that another person loses their spot so i don't know how go about that. I also want to know how to prepare if i'm working with a new group if they don't work with me or don't know what they are doing. I also want to know if there are any pre nursing lab support places where you can practice doing the micro labs. I would think in general we don't have enough lab experience and most of us aren't really getting the  material or having it sink in as it should be. I don't think this is teachers fault so i haven't mentioned this. I feel the school lacks resources and the classes need to be large and they also lack  lab supplies so we have to share. But this isn't good enough for me I have a serious desire to excel in this line of work and will do anything to get there.  Thank you sorry this is a bit long. 

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