Have you worked in the Caribbean?


To all of you that have worked in the Caribbean (St. Thomas especially)what agency did you go with?? What were the best/worst things about your assignment/ contract?? What was the pay like? What advice if any would you share with someone interested in traveling there?


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I had to turn down an assignment in the carribean - st thomas specifically because the company was paying so lousy. they gave a car stipend that was short 200 a month the cheapest rental on the island. They did tax advantage, but gave OT off the taxed portion only to the tune of 17.50 an hour, i am med surg tele.

I thought I would take the housing stipend and do that myself to save money, but most of the rentals wanted all 3 months up front plus security deposit and the car rental wanted 2 months up front. I just couldn't for around 24 an hour go 4-5K in debt up front in this economy with how frequently they are cancelling travel nurses nation wide for low census.

I have had some hits on another travel nurse site for companies that do better, but will have to wait until the one hospital on VI forgets my really odd name, since I turned them down after intial acceptance. I really wanted to go but not at the risk of bankrupting my family.

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