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Has anyone taken online pre-reqs at Utica College or University of Rochester for ABSN? + recommendations for online learning in NY.

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Lots of posts around how the classes are at Utica college but few to none about how the pre-reqs are at either college.

Utica College: Admissions seemed very pushy. Accelerated pre-reqs are taken online, at home. Both A&Ps and Chemistry require at-home lab kits. Get the sense from others here that the classes here are overly difficult and time consuming. And that the professors might not be the best. Keeping a 3.0 GPA grants you conditional admittance into the nursing school.

Rochester: No exams, labs, finals/midterms for pre-reqs. Just quizzes. All online. No idea what the quality of professors are for the online classes. No idea what the quality of the content is. I'm under the impression that sciences without labs might not transfer to most schools.

I graduated 10 years ago w/ a MS degree in computer science and want to dip my toes into nursing to see if it's for me. I suspect that it will be a good fit so I'd like to take remote/online pre-reqs while being full time employed until all the requirements are done (or I drop out due to not liking it). Figured A&P I and Human Development would be a good start.

Are there any other accredited schools I should consider for my pre-reqs?

Edit: Any advice on Straighterline for pre-reqs?

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