Has anyone had to retake Hesi A2?


I was just wondering if the questions are the same when you retake the exam. The staff in the school of nursing office, as well as advisers, state, "It is our understanding that you will take the same exact test, because you will log back into the same account." ... but they don't know for sure since the hesi a2 is still new at our school. I have also compared my test questions/ remediation to five other students and they are all the same questions, just a different order... what is your experience in retaking?


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I was also wondering this. I retake the HESI on Tuesday. So if anyone knows that would be great!! Truthfully, I can't even remember the questions from the first try because the test was soooo long!


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The school I applied to has you take Version 1 the first time and Version 2 if you want to re-take the exam. Hope this helps and good luck!


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I believe there's a pool of potential questions, but I have heard from a few people that they saw one or two questions repeat.


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I am now in a BSN nursing program, but I did have to retake the hesi A2 exam 3 times. Everytime I took it it was different questions you don't know what you are going to get they come out of a pole of potential questions. This first 2 times I took it I stressed over the time. The 3rd time I just went in with and didn't worry about passing of not and did much better. Just relax take your time and read the questions slowly and you will be fine.