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Has anyone gotten into Rush CRNA school with a low GRE score?

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I am trying to gauge how strict the GRE guidelines are for Rush CRNA school.. Has anyone gotten in with low GRE scores? Their site says “To be competitive, you should have the following scores: 

Verbal: 150 or higher. Average verbal for admitted students: 156

Quantitative: 151 or higher. Average quantitative for admitted students: 154 

Analytic writing 4.0 or higher. Average analytic writing for admitted students: 4.0”


My current stats are: Verbal 156, Quantitative 148, Writing 4.5 

Other stats: BSN with honors (did a research project a long time ago), CCRN, cumulative GPA 3.9, 6 years experience in ICU, currently MCICU 4 years at moderate sized 400 bed teaching hospital, charge RN, international volunteer work, on committees at work, preceptor and mentor. TNCC, BLS, ACLS. No current PALS.

Any stats and advice from current/past SRNAs at Rush would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.


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