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Has anyone got accepted for Fall 2020 in Bloomfield College?

Hi! I just recently got accepted into Bloomfield's School of Nursing. Has anybody there already got accepted? Just to give you a little background about myself I come from another nursing school here in New Jersey. I've already taken some nursing classes there (half of them I didn't even need) and its program was a mess and tough. I decided to transfer to Bloomfield to make things smooth throughout my nursing degree. I've done all my prereqs and I know the drill with the TEAS (thank God this year was waived). So anyway, I took Health Assessment at my previous school but I'm missing my fundamentals class. I know Bloomfield has a recommended sequence for sophomores for the fall semester which they take a Health Assessment class and Nurs 215 which is a Foundations of Profesional Practice. My question here ladies and hopefully a former student from there can answer this is Nurs 215 the same ad Fundamentals in Nursing? Please somebody enlightening me 🙂


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