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Has anyone gone through the LPN program at Apollo in Portland, OR or is currently?

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I am planning to get my RN in the long run, but really have decided that I would like to start working as an LPN first. It seems more logical to me, being able to work as a nurse on an LPN wage (as opposed to a CNA wage) and finish school for RN. I know if I go to Apollo, I would still have to take pre-reqs for my RN and I'm willing to do this.

Has anyone gone through the Apollo LPN program? Or are you currently? Could you give me the run down? Do you like it? Is it worth it?

Something else that is appealing is that I could possibly do my clinicals at my current job, as we have had Apollo students before, and I have talked to them and have received generally good reviews and feed back but I really would like some more opinions.

Thank you!

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