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Has anyone else found it darn near impossible to get a job at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital? I've applied for tons of PCA, HUC, and pt transport jobs there and have heard nothing. I've also applied for clerical jobs in the past and been turned down. Maybe it's just one of those places you need to know someone to get in. I really want to work at Children's as an RN after I graduate. I've been a pt there as a child and was really impressed with the care I received, and would love to be able to continue that level of care as an RN in the future. Just wondering if anyone else has had this same experience? Any advice on how to get my foot in the door? Thanks!!



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ive been hired as an RN there and pending the outcome of my nclex that i just took today, i should be starting on july 21. its really hard to get a job there because everyone and their brothers, sisters, and cousins wants to work there and its the only place you can work with a peds population in the area.

the best advice i can offer based on experience is to start applying well in advance of when you graduate nursing school. they get so many applications that it takes a lot of time for them to get through and find the people they want. plus, the longer you wait, the greater your competition is going to be.

once you do apply, if you dont hear from a recruiter within a week, call the main line for nursing recruitment and retention and ask to speak to someone to find out about your application. they are supposed to respond to all nursing applicants within 72 hours typically.

BE PERSISTENT! thats basically what it takes to get in there. at least on my experience...

How about I had 4 interviews! They were the "We think you'll fit well here"..."you'd be a great asset..."kind. It was pretty encouraging.

Needless to say, I still don't have a job there. I got the runaround and am pretty turned off now. I'd rather be told that they selected someone else than just being avoided completely...AND I knew someone in there that actually go me the interview. I know they must be overwhelmed by all of the applications they are receiving. I was very persistent by both calling AND e-mailing.

I wasn't applying for a Nursing position, so the nurse recruiters may be a little better.

It is a really nice facility and the staff seems to work together eally well.

Good luck!


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Apply for a Patient Attendant position. It may take a couple of weeks but you will hear back from them. This has to be (IMO) the most boring position in the hospital, but its a foot in the door. Keep in mind that if hired for this position you must wait 6 mos before you can transfer to a new position..

Also, the new fiscal year starts July1, they may have more $$ available to hire more new RN's. Don't give up and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

Thanks everyone for your replies! I just want to get a job as a PCA or HUC to gain some experience (and also a foot in the door) while I'm in school at Christ College of Nursing. I applied about 2 weeks ago with no response. I've already emailed them and called them this past week. I don't want to be a pain, but I also know that the squeeky wheel gets the grease! I really want to work for them when I'm out of school, so hopefully I'll hear back soon so I can get my foot in the door there. Thanks again!


P.S. Britt, I'm definitely with you on the "just tell me if I didn't get the job, but don't ignore me" part... been through that with too many employers. They all say, "we'll call you either way", but has that ever happened to me? Heck no. :banghead: Just tell me; I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

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