Has anyone been denied admission to college because of a low math compass score

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I just took the math compass and scored a 19 on the algebra and a 46 on the prealgebra. Not a surprise since I'm 47, never did well in math in high school and haven't used any complex math in twenty plus years. I was told that the compass was a "placement" test and that I would be put into the appropriate class accordingly. However, now when I check my admissions status it says, high math score needed. WHAT???? I'm perfectly fine with going into intro, intermediate and then college algebra which is what the print out that accompanied my test suggested but according to what I'm seeing on my admissions status they are requiring a minimum score to even get in? I have past college credit and my overall GPA is a 3.4. My last three semesters I maintained a 4.0 in biology, micro among others. What is the deal? I have contacted the admissions department and I'm waiting on a reply but I'm super discouraged. How can I learn what I need to if they won't let me in? I did buy the Cliff Notes Math Review for Standardized tests but I need to be taught by someone, not a book. Just wondering if anyone else had encountered this?

Hello I am 44 and I also did poorly on my math and English accuplacer tests. I had to take remedial math and English. I think sometimes if you score too low the accuplacer they have you take some kind of general math outside of college and then come back and take the test again. I was worried to death about passing the math portion or getting a high enough score. With the score I received I had to start with pre-algebra. Hope.it all works out for you.

I also failed the compass math. I was required to take a summer math class, provided by the college, before I was able to be admitted. I always hated math in high school. When I decided to go to college I was already 37 years old and was terrified of math classes. I ended up getting an A+ in the summer math class, and went on to get an A+ in college Algebra. I actually like math now :) Good luck to you!!

Thanks for the encouragement. It is definitely encouraging to hear that you both were able to overcome the math deficit and go on to be successful. I was completely set and ready to take the remedial classes. I think I'm just frustrated because apparently if I had no previous college experience and was a traditional student I would have been able to just go into the remedial classes with no problem but because i'm a nontraditional transfer student they have different requirements for me. You would think they would WANT mature people who are ready and willing to learn wherever they have to start. grrrrr Hoping to get good news from admissions tomorrow.

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