Has anyone attended the PTEC lpn hybrid program in Clearwater FL?

by Bluecrow27 Bluecrow27 (New) New Nurse Student Pre-Student

Good morning all!!

I am a CNA right now and I am looking to complete my LPN and then bridging later. I am struggling to find recent ptec lpn posts but so far the old information about them being difficult to get ahold of and not responding holds true. I'm looking for real experiences. Did they really schedule most clinicals on the weekends ? How often did you need to go to campus, and was it really even the evening (what time)? What was your schedule like ? They are dodgey about this. I understand clinicals especially are difficult to get for schools so it's a take what you get situation 😂 but I'm trying to get a feel for the program. Thank you in advance for any insight !

Extra details:We have 3 small kids (twins 3, Singleton 18mo) and no family support system to help babysit so I am interested in ptec where half the program is online plus "a hand full of scheduled campus meetings". The only other school in my budget is Erwin and even though I have toured and really like them my fiance works in construction and can all of a sudden work nights with no notice. With no support system to help with our kids not only did is it hard to find a flexible sitter but fielding the cost for the kids is out of budget. That's why ptec interested me, I have help I can find on weekends and depending on how often the campus visits are and if they truly schedule them in advance.

I apologize for such a long winded post, I am sure there are other parents in similar situations that may have gone this route in the recent years and I'd love to hear from you!