Has anyone been accepted with Pre-Health over Pre-Nursing?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here. From reading a bunch of posts I found that everyone seems really informative and mostly encouraging and understanding..which is exactly what students (like me) need. I have a question, I am in Pre-Health Sciences right now and I want to apply for the RN program for Fall 2011. I was thinking of applying for Pre-Nursing first though, to better my chances. My friend, a recent graduate RN, said Pre-health and Pre-Nursing are basically the same and that I shouldn't waste my time or money doing the same courses over. She said Pre-Nursing is for people who know they deff want to go into nursing. Pre-Health is for any program health wise, including nursing..I was just wondering if anyone got accepted with having Pre-Health alone? I know I can always go talk to guidance and they would make me feel confident, but sometimes they don't know what's going on fully and if anything changed or upgraded..so I would appreciate any feedback..

Thanks :)

Hi how did the Pre-Health workout, did you get into the nursing program. and what college did you take Pre-Health at.

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As long as you have the appropriate classes for the nursing program you should be able to get in.

Is it possible to go in undecided? Maybe take most of the same pre reqs, then when you get to last set you can make your final decision.

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