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Has anybody taken the HESI A2 exam without using thee study guide?


I I have to get at least a 75% on all sections of the hesi a2 (wiith the exeption of science) in order to be admitted into the nursing program. I however cannot afford to buy the study guide and my deadline for application is aproachiong. I do have a book by kaplan called Nursing School Entrance exams. Do you think I have a chance on passing? I'm always hard on myself when I don't ace tests. How is this test compared to the TEAS and the TABE?

I hear that the HESI is easier than the TEAS because the HESI tests you on very basic math, reading, and grammar. I bough the study guide from Evolve, but try looking at your local public library. They may have a copy of the guide, so you don't have to buy it.