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After prereqs are complete how long do the clinicals last 1yr 2yrs or more if you are a full time student?



Specializes in Cardiac, CVA.

After you complete all your prerequisites and are accepted into the clinical phase, it is 2 years full-time for the RN, 1 year for the LPN. What campus are you attending? I went to the Gettysburg campus and graduated in 2006.


Hey Thanks for the answers! I attend HACC Harrisburg campus and just trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life...haha. I like the idea of a traveling nurse for a year or 2...get a chance to see some of the country and get paid to do it. Do you work in the area? Did you have any trouble finding a job? Is it difficult to get a job in ICU? Just a few more ?'s if you feel like answering them. Thanks

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