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Hey All!!!

I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs and I am looking into a few schools near by for my AA in nursing. CCBC Catonsville or Essex, BCCC, or Harford CC.

I have a 4.0 in my science classes and mostly B's in my gen ed's... my GPA when applying will be around 3.5-3.8. I have heard a lot about CCBC (both campuses) and I have heard some from you girls about Harford. Yet, I want to know some info from some people that either applied to Harford or are in Harfords Nursing program now.

When I saw the 25 point scale it looked like it would be easy to get in... yet a few people on this site have voiced how hard it actually is to get in. If I have 24/25 points and a 3.8 do you think I would get in?? Im nervous because I dont want to blow off starting in Feb 2010 from the other schools if I dont get accepted into the accelerated program at HCC in 2010.... that would suck b/c then I would have to wait until August to start the nursing program!!!! I just want to start nowwwwww :)

Thanks in advance!!!



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I am doing the same thing that you are doing right now, finishing the my last prereg in summer and then apply to CCBC-catonsville, Harford, accelerated Howardcc and CNL at UMB. I think you have high possibility to get in, in any of those school that you apply. Your gpa is good and if you apply to CCBC just take TEAS test and get the best score.

Good luck

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