how hard is it to get into university of Rochester 2nd degree bsn program?

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Hello everyone, I'm about to graudate fron NYU with a degree in Organizational Behavior and communications. I have an overall GPA of 3.5. i have just registered for the fast track online pre-req at u of r. A&P and microbiology.

what are my chances of getting in providing i get good marks on the pre-reqs. also, what are my loan options, housing etc. thanks in advance!


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Hi :)

If you search university of Rochester in the allnurses search box tons of ppl have posted about their accelerated program-may help you find the info you are looking for


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I just graduated from the program in May. It was an excellent program and I am so thankful for the great education I received there. I just started working and I feel the program really prepared me well for the realities of nursing.

Your GPA is great and that will help. I know that they are looking for more than just GPA too, however. Do you have any work experience (hospital or non-hospital)? They are big on "well rounded" applicants. Apparently when they started the program they ONLY looked at GPA, but found that some of the students lacked the social skills/common sense skills that are essential in nursing (that is what one of my CI's told me, anyway). My classmates were some of the most accomplished people I ever met... Lawyers, teachers, master's degrees etc. Do well in your pre-req's and bring forth your good attributes in your admission essay and you should be okay. Someone told me that they only took 100 out of 400 applicants this past May.

Financial aid is good there, but it took me a long time to hear from their department after being accepted. They are very helpful, though, right before school started... it was just frustrating waiting to hear from them. Once I did, though, they were great.

I know that housing is relatively cheap in the area. No one complained about their rent. I know that there is some nice apartments over in the Park Ave. area and there is also student housing available, but very few lived there. Most people lived together off campus.

I do have to say that going there was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I highly recommend the program. I wish you luck in your future nursing education and career!!

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