Handling 2 different job offers


Newish RN here. Having 6 months experience, area of interest and brief experience Med-Surg Tele.

Moved far away to an area with much better working conditions for nurses and finally starting to land some interviews. I have 2 interviews next week, one day after the other. Each has their pro's and con's, both would be excellent experience and are organizations where long-term permanent employment would be a good career move.

#1 is a sure thing and I am almost assured to receive an offer of employment but it may be fewer working hours than #2. And if #2 offered me day shift it would be wonderful.

My question is how to handle the timing of the offers, if #2 decides to give me an offer as well or if they have second/final interviews and it takes a week or two for them to make a decision?

If I interview at #1 and they say, OK here is your offer, do I tell them thanks and Im waiting on a possible competing offer to compare? Im so concerned about offending possible employer #1 but I have been patiently waiting on their processes, and feel that they can patiently wait on mine now that another interview opportunity has presented itself. Never encountered this issue before because I only changed jobs internally within one large organization for many years and feel way out of my depth!! Thanks for any advice!!