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Originally Posted by emmy sometime ago but still a challenge to some.


I've just bought a new puppy and so I am always washing my hands, this has resulted in sore hands that have started to split and bleed - I went through exactly the same thing when I had my children and was always washing my hands.

I'm wondering seeing as I will be going into a profession whereby handwashing is v. frequent and v. important, is there any product that I can use to protect my hands and stop them from getting so sore?


Hello, a bit of possibly useful info - I came accross a hand cream "aqui" Replenishing Hand Treatment. "This has been formulated with the finest AHA's, BHA's and moisturisers to help improve the skin's appearance and texture and give your hands a more youthful look. It also contains anti-oxidants and sunscreen to help visible signs of ageing."

I found it to be great. I use it sparingly and very often - does not seem to be a problem with rubber/latex, plastic or othe gloves. I have used it for several years in surgery, childrens wards, geriatrics and when barrier nursing - in fact all the time. and it only comes in a small pocket sized tube.

Made in Australia for the Amway Corporation!

I am sure that they have something too in USA, may be worth a check.

(Amway/Quixtar phone 1-800-544-7167 find a local distributor of products or phone 616-787-6279 or 616-787-7828 office hours 8.30am to 7.00pm, and ask directly about their hand care products, prices and how to get them!)

I have been reminded that poorness of skin texture and elasticity can be also associated with your general physical wellbeing and the diet that you take.

(Have been nursing for over 36 years and still working - since I used this "aqui" I no longer have any skin problems with my hands.

Hope this is of some help. :Melody: :specs: Mister Chris

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When my hands start cracking and bleeding in the winter, I use nivea cream (not lotion) in the blue tub. I really slap it on at night before bed and it repairs the damage and keeps them in good shape. No burning or itching either. Hope this helps. **I will mention that I just tried some hand lotion from a tester at Walmart...called Malibu Hemp...the name caught my eye and yeah, it looks like there is some cannabis dirivative in there....anyway, I put some on the top of my right hand to smell it (i don't like strong odors) - it smelled like suntanning lotion and the very weird thing is that the next day that part of my hand looked a lot younger (skin tighter and smoother). Hope this info is helpful.

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