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Halifax Health (Daytona Beach) - Need Info please!

I'm relatively new to the Daytona area and I'm looking for some feedback r/t Halifax Health... has anyone worked there as a nurse?

Also, does anyone know what the base rate of pay is at Halifax for a GN with a BSN? I'm also applying to Florida Hospitals in the area (Flagler, Memorial, Fish Memorial, and Deland) and I know the rate of pay is around $20/hr for GNs. I'd really prefer to work for Halifax because it is much closer to me than the other hospitals, but I really have no information to go on r/t the hospital or the work environment for RNs.

Last question: Does anyone know if Halifax hires GNs into any specialties?

Any information is much appreciated!

Darkstar1485, BSN, CNA, LPN, RN

Specializes in Geriatric and Mental Heath.

The pay is terrible. $15 per hour for an "RN Intern" and a few bucks more when the internship is complete. The benefits are really good though.... that's why nurses stay. I believe they have a pension.


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