Had the neatest thing happen today!

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As most of you know, I took Ma in to have a liver biopsy done this morning.

When we got there, I mentioned to the nurse in the course of the conversation that I, too, am a nurse.

She appreciated me telling her that, cause she said, "Oh, then you can explain to your ma what I am talking about if she doesn't understand what I tell her." She was doing a great job explaining to Ma what was happening, by the way.

Then she started the IV, and got it in great, took the blood she needed, then attached the IV tubing. Immediately the site began to infiltrate.

She looked up at me, our eyes met, and she said, "Looks like that to you, too, huh?" I just nodded, and said to Ma, "The nurse is going to restart the IV, the needle just moved on her."

Ma said, "OK", and that was that.

It just made me feel really good that the RN wanted my opinion, even though she KNEW that I am a LPN.

She didn't even hesitate to ask my opinion. That was awesome!

She got the IV started again, without trouble, and it stayed trouble free from then on.

I just can't get over her valuing my opinion.

That made the whole day good for me.

Ma came through the biopsy without any trouble.

Thanks for letting me share!




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what intelligent person WOULDNT value your opinion ;) You're awesome :)



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I needed that.

Been feeling kinda low, cause I sometimes feel so useless when it comes to taking care of Ma. I want to protect her from all these awful things, and end up not being able to do much more than hand her Kleenex when the going gets rough.

It is so hard to sit there and let "them" do what they will to her, when I know it is hurting her, or whatever..........

Makes the nurse in me very angry, and the daughter wants to cry with her....

Thanks again!


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