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H.S can't find my records...


ok, so yeah, i might be a bit old, meaning a long time out of high school but come on...

i've spoken with the records department 5 times already and they are giving me the run around. i directly asked them if my records have been discarded and they will not answer. i just don't know what else to do. i would really like to look over my transcripts to see if i have a year in chem, biology (this for sure i know that i do) and algebra. if i don't have to take those classes again i would rather not.

in all fairness i did get my ged, because i became pregnant at 16, but i was still in high school for 3 years total before my parents removed me.

is this the norm with schools and records that are over a decade old? has anyone else had this experience? fyi-i also called the education center where i received my ged and they are also saying that they don't have it. my estranged husband and i attended the same hs and education center and about a year or 2 ago he requested his records from the high school and they were able to locate it and send it to him.:confused:

this whole situation is kind of ruffling my feathers.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I just wanted to say that you may have to re-take those things anyway. I know for the program I am applying for (an associate's program at a cc), if it has been longer than 5 years since you took Chemistry or Biology, you have to take them again before applying. I graduated in 2003, had Anatomy in high school (never had Chemistry), and have to take a Biology before I apply (I'm taking A&P1 to fulfill that requirement) because the Anatomy class was in '01-'02. Also, I had Algebra I and II in high school and did fairly well, but due to poor scores on placement tests, had to take a college level algebra before I could take the Chemistry I am about to take this spring.

Good luck though! I would just make sure you're not going to have to take them anyway, 'cause if you do then at least you can spare yourself some run-around with the schools who won't give you your records.

thanks nocheapones. the only reason i'm looking into the transcripts now is because i thought the 2 nsg schools in my area that i wanted to apply to wouldn't even consider the years on those classes, but come to find out they don't have an age limit on those particular ones. i spoke to the directors during the open houses that they had and they said they would accept it, if in fact i got atleast a c in those classes.

it's a small hope ^_^ but if i don't have to take it, lord knows i'd ride that bandwagon. i hear you though, if i have to take it again i will but ohhhhh to dream.:clown:

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