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I have a friend in the philippines who is already an nclex passer with visa screen and stuff. He is looking for a hospital to petition him on an h1-b visa, does anybody know of any hospital that does that?

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From what I can understand a H1-B visa is pretty much impossible to get right now due to retrogression. Its an immigration issue not a hospital sponsering issue. Check out the international forum for more information


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the retrogression has nothing todo with the h1b visa:nurse:

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New grads from US nursing schools are having a very difficult time getting hired by hospitals right now. I should think that it would be next to impossible for someone outside the US to get sponsorship. And thinking about it--SHAME on any hospital who WOULD hire a new grad from outside the US when so many here are desperate to work. Your friend should work at home for a while and try again when the US economy picks up.

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