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Guidance needed to a first year nurse.


I need some guidance. I have been on the m/s unit for 7 months. Lately, I have dreaded going in. Friday was the

first time I called out sick ever and was told to take two tylenol b/c we need you. I told them no and that sick was sick. I felt so guilty for calling out too but I just didn't feel well, Everynight is crazy. There is no reprieve. They staff us to the bare bone and de-staff our aides. I have left so many mornings in tears. The good thing is that I work with

some great nurses who are supportive of a new nurse. I think I could handle the stress but I have been having

problems with my knee. I had to get clearance on my Knee before I started and at the time I felt good. But now I am having some recuring pain due to arthritis and I

need a knee replacement. I am only 38. Lately, I have been in pain on every shift. I am afraid to tell them I need surgery. Ideally, I would like to work partime but they don't seem too keen on it. Since I have not been there long I don't want to rock the boat. If I knew what I knew now I would have passed on floor nursing but I needed the experience.

Please can someone give me some advice.


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You have to do what you have to do...If you are having problems with your knee, you need to take care of yourself first; even if that means doing part time or getting surgery and taking medical leave. Take care of yourself!

Thanks for your reply. I have told them I need surgery and will be scheduling it in Sept. That is if I make it there

that long. That place is Crazy.

Thanks for the feedback.

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