Guess the Picmonic Contest!

What is a Picmonic? A Picmonic is a mnemonic study aid, that is research proven to increase retention and test scores. Picmonics will assist you, as a nursing student, to remember more in less time. To introduce nursing students to this mastery and retention aid, the folks at Picmonic are sponsoring this contest. Let's have some fun. Learning while winning free prizes - What's better than that?!


What are the rules?

Guess the picmonic #1

Review this Picmonic (sample image). If you were to guess what the Picmonic is about what would it be? If you think you know what it is submit it as an entry. That's it. Correct answers will be entered into the drawing!

If you guessed "left heart failure assessment" you would be correct.

Grand Prize: 1 Year Picmonic subscription and T-Shirt + $250 Amazon gift card
Runner up: 1 Year Picmonic subscription and T-Shirt

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When ready submit your entry.

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