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Hello, Just wanted to see what is going on with other people because most of these threads people are not saying if they applied for the LPN to RN bridge. I am a LPN looking to apply next year. My girlfriend is a LPN who applied this year.

My girlfriend applied to GTCC 2014 LPN to RN and had the max points I believe 71 w/ 87 on TEAS and all A's on prerequisites.

We called Tiffany who runs the program in admissions on Thursday and she said she was still waiting on the Nursing Department to give her the info to send out, hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

Anyone else who applied for LPN to RN bridge at GTCC?

Also I have friends at work, Shannon Gray in Jamestown that applied at Foryth and GTCC who haven't heard yet either. Also, the summer semester starts in little over a month, not much time to get ready lol. So does anyone know any information on the LPN to RN bridge, because as you all may know there is no info session at GTCC for Lpn to RN.

I have read that people have been getting letters for GTCC and Forsyth and DCCC but I would think not for the LPN to RN just the Pn or RN. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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My Girlfriend got her ACCEPTANCE LETTER today for GTCC LPN to RN bridge program. accepting it.


I was also searching for a thread for the bridge programs and the 2014 year. Seems most of the threads here are for the traditional program. I also applied to FTCC, GTCC, and DCCC. I've been accepted at GTCC. The total points possible at GTCC is actually 66 for grades and 5 points max for TEAS equaling 71 total possible. I had 58 grade point and got the max for TEAS points bringing my total to 63. I have not heard from Forsyth but I have a total of 187 points there. I decided not to take the NACE for DCCC b/c the online hybrid kind of scared me off. GTCC was my first choice so I'm excited I got in first try. What information are you looking for regarding the program? Seems like your friend who is accepted would have a great deal of info on the program at this point.

Good luck on your academic endeavors. RN here we come!

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