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Just checking in to see if there are any pre nursing students here? I am currently at GSU (Perimeter) finishing up my pre reqs. I was thinking about transferring to Georgia Gwinnett College. Has anyone heard anything about their nursing program? From what I have researched , its a pretty new program.

Hey there! I know you posted this several weeks ago, but I wanted to chime in since you haven't gotten any replies.

I'm halfway through GGC's nursing program. I don't know personally about other schools, but I HIGHLY recommend GGC. We are a pretty new program, and small (we only admit 30 new students per spring/fall semester), but the program is amazing. I've heard horror stories about faculty and classmates at other schools. At GGC, you're in a very tight-knit cohort that sticks together for the whole program, and the faculty are all sooooo involved and passionate about helping their students.

I can answer any questions if you want, but yeah. Love GGC!

Thank you so much for replying to my post. This was confirmation I made the right decision. Yesterday I went to register at GGC. I start in the fall to finish up my last 7 classes for pre reqs. They made me feel very good especially since I am a full time worker, mom, wife. I'm so excited and this information you just gave me makes me feel 100 times better : ) If you have any tips for me to make sure I have a good chance at getting in I would love your input. I am working to get my GPA up more. As of now, I'm at a 3.0

Congrats! You made a good choice. And I feel ya, I have kids as well and GGC is a good school for "nontraditional" students.

When I applied, the focus was on GPA (especially the science courses) and TEAS score. You'll have a while to study for the TEAS, so I'd recommend focusing on getting good grades in your pre-reqs. I had to bring my GPA up a good bit with those since I screwed around a lot the first time I attempted college, haha. But good scores in Micro and A&P go a long way.

Do you work in healthcare currently? I think a letter of recommendation from a nurse or physician is good too :)

Yes that's definitely my #1 goal. I want a 4.0! I messed up years ago myself. I was paying out of pocket at GSU for my courses but everything fell into place at GGC. I even got financial aid!! Outside of my "Choice for life" class I have to take in the fall, everything left is Sciences and Math. Thanks for that advice.

Yes I've been in the medical field for the last ten years. Currently I work at children's Healthcare of Atlanta Orthopedics and sports Medicine outpatient facility. So I have many connections in the field. I would love to keep in contact with you for advice, questions, etc : )

I'll send you my number in a PM :)

Apparently I'm not active enough on the site to send messages haha. Wanna shoot me an email at [email protected]?

Awww well no problem at all. I am going to email you now. Thank you : )

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