GRU CNL regular entry fall '14


I have several questions that can be answered by current students, students who have just gained entry in early decision as well as those who are attempting acceptance through regular entry and those who have completed the program.

Current students:

How is the program as a whole? Please detail the good, bad and ugly? What is the structure of the program? What items were necessary for the success of the program?

Students who have gotten accepted for Fall '14:

Congratulation on being accepted!

What were your GPAs, MAT/GRE scores? Did you have any volunteer hours? How were your grades for the required pre-requisites? How long after submitting your application did you get an email about your interview? How was the interview (please include specifics)?

Regular entry applicants:

First off I would like to say good luck on getting accepted!

Has anyone status changed from ready to review? If so, what is the current status of your application? What are you GPAs, pre-req grades and MAT/GRE scores?

Graduates of the program:

Are you happy with your choice of entering this program? If you could change something about the program would you? And what would it be? How difficult was the program and did it prepare you well for the NCLEX? How was getting a job after graduating and was the program effective in preparing you for working as a RN?

If there is anything you can add that I may not have asked about please add it.


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I am applying not for fall 2014 but fall 2015 and I am hopeful and praying that my current institution will send my transcript! But what ended up happening I am so nervous I am not content with my current gpa because of how low in comparison it is to others but I am believing whole heartedly I can do it and get into the school with a 3.12 gpa and I will be studying hard for this GRE/TEAS