GRU CNL 2015 Applicants / Recent Graduates


Hi there,

I have my CNL interview scheduled for next Friday for the 2015 CNL class. I wanted to ask anyone who has already interviewed:

  • What sort of questions did the admissions committee ask?
  • How many were on the panel?
  • Was the interview very formal or more laid back?
  • What do you wish you had prepared more for?
  • If you would care to share, how is your GPA/GRE scores? Did you get accepted?

Also, for CNL graduates:

  • What are you doing now? Did you move on to a path for CRNA or DNP?
  • Did you have nursing/medical experience prior to the CNL program?
  • How do you feel about your CNL experience?
  • Do you feel that your CNL education made you stand out in the job market?

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares!


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Hi angelasofia,

Can I ask what questions were asked during the interview? I am applying for the 2016 program.

Thank you!


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Hi ddunlap,

The interview process is pretty simple. I met with a panel of 3 professors/administrators and they only asked a handful of questions. The few I remember were, "how do you handle stress", "tell us about a time you showed leadership", "what would you do if someone gave you the answers to a test?". Things like that. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. My advice would be to come prepared (know as much about the program and the CNL role as you can i.e. read/understand the CNL white pages). Also I would recommend going to all of the open house tours and info sessions it was a good way to get on the radar of the nursing staff. Make an effort to meet them, especially the Program Manager as she will be your main point of contact. She is really helpful and will answer any questions you may have.

Ask around again when they start 2016 interviews to see if any of the questions have changed. This year they pretty much asked everyone the same ones. I did that and likely gave much better answers since I had more time to consider the questions.

Best of luck!