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Growing up?

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A follow-up to my baby nurse post....

I had a patient who needed a second IV placed d/t incompatible antibiotics.

One of the patient care techs (PCA) on our floor is a student nurse also and was there precepting that day. I let his preceptor know that my patient needed another IV and that he was welcome to try to place one.

Two sticks later and no IV 😟

I went in a few minutes later and one stick = a perfectly placed IV 🤗 

I flashed back to my days as a student (one year ago) when I was the poor soul poking people 2-3 times with no success.

I felt for a moment that perhaps I am becoming somewhat of a "grown-up nurse," just a little bit though 😊

Then I tried to suction my trach patient without covering the suction hole with my thumb and (temporarily) clogged her PEG tube...oh well...baby steps 🙃👣

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