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I had a question regarding Grossmont College's ADN program and their Partnership with Scripps. I'm currently at CNA Scripps and heard about this partnership from a friend. I'm looking for a good program that won't cost me an arm and a leg, and this seems to be the perfect one besides the wait list that was told to be 4 years. But learning about this partnership will I have to wait the 4 years? Below are a few more questions.

How does this partnership work? (process and qualifications)

How long would I have to be on the wait list?

What is the process of admission into the program?

Any information would be great!



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Mos nursing schools in the San Diego area are connected in some way to area hospitals. I know that Cal State San Marcos is affliated with Kaiser as are many other nursing programs. You do not have to wait 4 years. That is the waiting list for Grossmont. You may have to travel to go to school, but you will no have a 4 year wait. Also, I noticed you work at Scripps. Scripps allows so much in eductional benefits to it's employees. Look into that. Ask questions. Ask at Scripps, at other community colleges, both ADN and BSN, and look online, you will be surprised at all the infomation you can acquire. Good luck!


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I didn't know about these programs, but I'm glad I took my time to look into things and didn't end up going to Concorde or Maric which is what I had planned. Thanks!

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