Grossmont Health Occupations LVN Program

U.S.A. California


Im taking some classes required for acceptance into the Grossmont Health Occupations Center LVN program. I would like to know if anyone is applying to this program located in San Diego County, in the city of Santee.

Hi! Just wondering if you were able to get all the info you needed regarding the VN program at Grossmont Health Occupations?

Yes I did. Thanks. Are you an applicant to this program?

OMG, I just realized you helped me on this forum regarding the Centre City CNA program =)

I guess we're going the same route. I turned in my app a few weeks ago for the LVN program at Grossmont HOC...Good luck to you!

Cool! And yes, we are definitely on the same route. Are you preparing for the TEAS test?

I actually took the TEAS Dec '09 for NU's bsn program but decided to do LVN instead. How's studying going for you?

Are you on the waitinglist for City College VN ROP Program as well?

Oh good, you've got the TEAS test out of the way. I still have to take it in March, and I'm studying for it. How was that test for you? How did you study? So you were going to attend National?

I'm not on a wait list for City because I have to complete the ROP healthcare essentials course, which I start this month on the 24th.

The test for me was okay...As far as all the subjects, Science is definitely not my forte' so I studied my off on the science section of the study guide and ended up doing well enough. I felt the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam book helped me a lot more than the actual ATI guide! Oh also, purchasing the practice test on the ATI website helped as well.

I took 8 pre-req classes over at NU but the tuition was getting to be too much for me!

BTW, City College actually waived Health Essentials course because I took A&P and English at NU (in case you have taken these classes already =) I still finished up Health Care Essentials last month for Grossmont which is the easiest class you'll ever take!

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